Behind The Scenes with Gabriel Guardian

You may know him as Gabriel Guardian, the widely popular Guitar / Keyboard player, who has been making waves all over the industry. Gabriel is extremely talented, and is known for being able to shred on his guitar, while simultaneously playing the piano, creating an astonishing performance. Aside from some of the solo acts that Gabriel does, he is a part of the band Immortal Guardian, and is currently on tour with PowerGlove.

Gabriel Guardian holding an electric guitar

Years ago, Gabriel become friends with a man named John Lario (also known as MOBIUS 8). John was an already popular musician, and during his tour with the group YES, began to experiment with translating light into sound. After many hours and experimentation, John created what is now known as the “Hydra”. Gabriel became very interested in this piece of art, and how it worked.

After further research, Gabriel discovered that John had been using BEYOND, “I think we can create a better show if we just start using lasers” said Gabriel. Thus, began Gabriel’s journey of learning to use BEYOND to integrate lasers into his shows.

Gabriel Guardian lasershow

“Everything I do wouldn’t have been possible without BEYOND’s PangoScript”, said Gabriel. During an interview with Gabriel, he told us that he had learned how to create timeline shows, but he wanted more. He started using PangoScript, which would allow him to control the lasers using his guitar, keyboard, or even the loudness of the bands vocals, all of which can be done live during the performance.

“Ever since I’ve been bringing lasers to these rock concerts, people just flip out on them”, Gabriel told us that ever since he started using lasers that he has been attracting even more people to his shows. “Bringing BEYOND into a show, and it’s perfectly synced to the music we play every night, it’s pretty mind blowing”

Lasershow guitar gabriel guardian

“I felt like it was user friendly enough that I could just browse through all of the menu’s, watch the tutorials, and find help online. It made it easy to understand. I didn’t have to take classes or anything crazy to understand the software like I have with lighting consoles, and other lighting software.” said Gabriel. Pangolin offers many tutorials online, they can be found on our website, YouTube channel, and even through the software itself.

 BEYOND on monitor

“In order to have a good light show, you have to bring a bunch of moving heads, giant cases, and they are also expensive to fly with. But purchasing a smaller laser like a 3W, or 6W, they aren’t large, and are extremely easy to setup. Having laser beams, makes it look like something from the future, it’s always the coolest thing to see rather than lights, and confetti. Lasers are always the biggest effect during the event”.

After sitting down and chatting with Gabriel for a while, he told us that he really loves using Kvant lasers with the FB4 inside. “When using other lasers, it always feels like I have to calibrate the laser to get the color I want, but with Kvant, it’s like a plug n play, I just love the fact that they feel, and work like true quality projectors.

Then there is the FB4. I swear that thing has saved my life so many times. If you’re at burning man, and you need a bunch of DB-25 cables, I doubt you’re going to find any, but with CAT-5, it’s sold literally everywhere. Not only that but being able to daisy chain all of the projectors together, it eliminates the need for other cable, and makes life just that much easier.

All of this couldn’t have been done without Pangolin, there is no other way to do it. I wouldn’t have an absolute way to figure out how to run a show like this.

Clubmax laser rear

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