AeroSmith's Las Vegas Gamble

Aerosmith lasershow audience scanning 

Rock-And-Roll legends Aerosmith have recently announced their residency at the Park Theater, in Las Vegas Nevada. This came about after the show director for Fireplay, Amy Tinkham, spent two years exploring the idea to bring the band to a space that would allow them to be more intimate with the audience.

Since it's Aerosmith's 50th anniversary, the show team wanted to find a way to present the history of the band in a different light. The setup would start with the use of multimedia technology, with the intent of finding a way to give everyone the same immersive experience. 

The next part of the show is the lighting setup, designed in a way to help emphasize their deep roots to the world of rock and roll.

Finally, to create the traditional gritty rock-and-roll atmosphere, Fireplay brought in the team at Pyrotecnico to provide an assortment of special effects, with a large focus on the use of high power laser projectors.

Aerosmith las vegas gamble audience scanning laser show

Bathed In Laser Beams

One of the most stunning visual moments of the entire show is during the song "Love in an Elevator", where the audience is bathed in blue and purple laser beams. - Said Kelly Sticksel from Fireplay.

The beams are being projected from eight 12W KVANT Atoms, which are integrated with Pangolin's PASS technology, allowing them to be used as audience-scanning lasers.

Every atom laser is set in one of each of the lighting ladders, two of them are being stretched across the upstage bridge to give a multi-layer crowd-scanning effect. "Nothing is as immersive as a laser audience-scanning show in terms of grabbing the crowd's attention to bring them into the show" - Says Sticksel.

To give an even wider foundation of effects, four 20W KVANT Spectrums are spaced across the back, providing beautiful overhead effects.

AeroSmith Las Vegas Concert

Programming & Timecode

All of the laser effects are being done from Pangolin's Beyond software, triggered via timecode to keep perfect synchronization to the rest show. "Will Kent, the laser programmer, did a phenomenal job bringing the vision we had to life; I believe he has a truly promising future ahead of him" Sticksel added.

Aerosmith's residency will last until December of 2019, so if you've never seen the legends live, then now is your chance.

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