The team at UAE Laser and Special FX pulled off a stunning laser light show, for the 2017 F1 Series race in Bahrain United Arab Emirates.

Setting up a laser show of this magnitude for formular 1 was no easy task. But the team at UAE Laser and Special FX lead by Sergey Lomadze was able to pull the feat off, using a fleet of KVANT Spectrum 30W RGB Laser Projection Systems, FB4 laser control hardware, and BEYOND laser show software.


The F1 Team wanted to use lasers that would really stand out among the other lighting elements they had in place. And not just any laser show projector would work. They needed a system with a well balanced white output, that could stand up to the competing light sources being used during the the formular one event. That was why the KVANT Spectrum 30W was eventually chosen above all other systems, as it offers an unparalleled white output, strong enough to project through even in well light areas.

From a programming standpoint, this show was also no easy task. The team at UAE Laser were projecting into airspace, and they had to ensure that no beam in the area would come into contact with civil aviation flights. To accomplish this, they used some of the advanced geometric correction and alignment tools inside of the BEYOND software, to setup the show.

You can learn more about UAE Laser on their website:

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