In this video KVANT will show you the differences in visibility across a selection of full color laser light systems.

The tested selection includes laser projectors with output powers ranging from 3W to 30 Watt.

In details:

When lasers are demonstrated individually and in perfect darkness, which is very often the case, it is difficult to estimate how much laser power you need for your project.

The purpose behind this demonstration is to give you a valid reference point when it comes to choosing the right laser display system for your application.

To give you a good understanding what you see, all laser light systems are installed on a single piece of trussing in a line.

The video shots were then taken from various distances, which are marked in the field. Those distances are 20m, 50m, 100m and 250m.

The shots were completed with and without artificial haze. Vertical Projection angles of 30 Degrees and 5 Degrees are used for output.

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