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Pangolin & Kvant, take lead of the laser light industry

Justin Perry, COO for Pangolin and Dušan Navara, sales manager for KVANT, recently sat down with PLSN Writer & Editor, Jim Hutchison, to explain where Pangolin and Kvant have been taking a noticeable lead in laser lighting industry. 

Lasers can produce a multitude of different effects, from aerial beam displays and liquid skies to projection mapping — even laser logo and text projections. It’s one of the things that make lasers so sought-after as a unique lighting element.

As lasers begin to become a more mainstream effect, we're seeing designers integrating lasers more and more into a large array of setups - from concerts and tours, to sporting and corporate events, as well as permanent installations and architectural projects. 

This is where we see the industry leaders Pangolin and Kvant taking a noticeable lead, developing new laser technology that helps address many demands of the lighting community. And their constant drive to innovate is helping to ensure lasers meet the needs of today's professional lighting designers. 

Pangolin's FB4 and BEYOND

Pangolin FB4 MAX

Pangolin's FB4 is a device that serves as a media server that can be built directly inside of a laser projector, letting it operate just like a standard lighting fixture. This gives LDs complete control over the lasers natively from a console, through DMX or Art-Net, or using auto-mode for complete stand-alone playback. 

You can learn more about the Pangolin FB4 here:

BEYOND timeline image

Pangolin's BEYOND full laser & multimedia control software makes it extremely easy for designers to create any sort of laser effects they want, while helping to integrate these effects into their multimedia setup. BEYOND supports all major lighting protocols including DMX, Art-Net, SMPTE Timecode, OSC, and CITP. 

"BEYOND is a creative person's dream, it's really fast, and easy to use," said Justin Perry. Whether you want to create a timeline show for a concert with 20 different laser projectors, or control your laser show together with Resolume, it's all possible inside of BEYOND.

To try out a FREE 30-Day demo of BEYOND, click here:

A Better-Built Laser System

Clubmax laser rear

Kvant was the first laser manufacturer to introduce and use diode laser technology, which all other manufacturers have since come to follow. Kvant also brought laser technology forward with the work on low divergence (LD) laser systems, allowing for exponentially brighter laser beam effects. Kvant was also a pioneer in the integration of OPSL based laser sources for high power projectors, developing laser systems that are visible up to several miles away.

Kvant also recognizes the importance of colors and white balances. “While other manufacturers are loading their lasers up with blue in an effort to increase power, due to the fact that blue is the cheapest laser source you can obtain, Kvant does the opposite,” says Navara. “We harmonize the colors inside our projectors for a well-balanced system across all colors in the spectrum, and the white balance is what you would expect from a professional lighting instrument.”

Price vs. Value

Over the past decade, some laser rivals have focused on low costs, achieved in part by outsourcing their manufacturing to low-cost overseas producers. Kvant and Pangolin, Navara notes, focus on value, not just price.

Kvant Clubmax FB4 Laser

The ClubMAX line of lasers was set with the standard of what value meant in professional laser system. With ClubMAX, we've been able to help those with smaller budgets access professional laser systems, without breaking the bank.

Customer support is another factor behind the companies’ focus on value, Pangolin’s Perry adds. “We take support to heart and tend to have a personal relationship with our clienty direct cell as a pas. Most even have mrtner in the company, and know they can call me 24/7. We’ll go above and beyond to back our clients up. When stuff hits the fan, our clients know we’ll be there. Even going as far as shipping lasers and gear across the globe, to get them through a show.”

The Future of the Industry

With multiple advancements from the FB4SK, the new color balance display mode on all Kvant lasers, to the integration of a motorized laser alignment, and full integration of Pangolin's PASS hardware. 

Pangolin and Kvant have a shared goal for the future - to create a truly better laser system, with the intention to help lighting designers integrate lasers in creative and innovative ways, constantly pushing the industry forward.

Laser Mapping show
(Zamok Mikulov multimedia show photo courtesy Pangolin)

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