Create the Northern Lights Effect with Laser Projectors

The aurora borealis and aurora australis, which many commonly refer to as the northern or southern lights, is seen as one of the most beautiful natural light displays in the Earth’s sky. 

Its majestic look has been captivating people for centuries, and after many years of exploration into combining light with art, artist Thomas Wilfred created a machine called the “Clavilux”. This machine gave him the ability to create what he labeled “Lumia” effects (Lumia is the term used today to define light art).

Given the way that laser projectors work, laserist found a way combine the use of different optics or attachments (that are very similar to gobos used in lighting fixtures ) to create many of the beautiful Lumia effects you see being done today.

Lumia effect with KVANT laser projector

Creating the Northen Lights Effect with Lasers

Though there are quite a few different ways that you're about to achieve this laser light effect, the easiest and most common way is to buy an attachment that alters the projection of the laser.

Important Note:
Manufacturers will offer laser projectors that are "specifically created" to project a Lumia effect, however, that's simply all they are able to do since the addon was built inside of the laser instead of offered as an attachment. 

Optical Bench Upgrade for KVANT lasers

To allow users to easily create these Lumia effects, we recommend the Optical Bench Upgrade. This attachment for our ClubMAX laser systems allows you to project beautiful northern lights effects.

The functionality of the optical bench is similar to a gobo that is found inside of many different lighting fixtures. You control the optical bench via 2-channel DMX, with the first channel controlling the motion/speed, and the second channel scrolls through the four built-in optical effects.

If one day you decide that you want to do more with the laser, you can easily change to the empty slot in the Optical Bench, allowing you to operate the laser projector with many of the popular types of laser effects.

Get started creating your own amazing & creative Lumia Effects:

Northern lights effects with laser projector

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